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'A' Lock Scaffolding System



  • 'A' Lock Support Standard
    "A" LOK standards are manufactured from 48.3 mm O.D scaffold tube with bottom cups and top lock positioned at 0.5m vertical intervals and allowing connection in four directions , the spigotless design allows the insertion...
  • Base plate
    A 0.15m X0.15m steel plate providing a flat bearing surface for load distribution from standards . It has a 0.05m high integral spigot and two fixing holes for use with sole plates .
  • Cantilever Frames
    Cantilever frame connectes onto the "A" LOK standard and is designed for use on support scaffolds to give an outside working platform.The frames have blade ends for locating in the cup joint and accept jacks in three...
  • Horizontal Ledgers
    Available in 0.9m , 1m , 1.2m , 1.3m , 1.6m , 1.8m and 2.5m .these ledgers can be used for either access or support work .
  • Intermediate Horizontal
  • Ladder Beam
    It provides a through way and clear span Up to 6.00m . Also affords heavy cantilevered features where necessery .
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    -PERMISSIBLE LOADS ON HORIZONTAL COMPONENTS Permissible loads on the various components are shown in the diagrams .  -PERMISSIBLE LOADS ON VERTICALS( IN FALSEWORK SERUCTURES ONLY ) The permissible loads on verticals...
  • Support and Access Component