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Joperlite is the registered trade of industries for constructional equipment company (insulting materials division) for its product expanded perlite .



Perlite is not a trade name but a specific variety of volcanic mineral active rock containing a small amount of combined water. the perlite ore is crushed , dried and graded . when perlite ore particles are heated to softened state , the combined water vaporizes causing them to expand four to twenty times their original volume . the expansion process creates countless cells in the particles which account for the excellent insulting properties of expanded perlite . The expansion process also creates one perlite's most distinguishing characteristics: its white color and lightness .




 from snowy white to greyish white

Softening point                

  870-1100 C

Fusion point                    

 1280-1350 C



Specific Heat                      

 0.20btu/lb f (837j/kgk)

Specific gravity                   


Refractive index                  


Free moisture                     

maximum 0.5%

Lose weight                       

kg/m3-as specified


Soluble in hot concentrated alkali and hydro fluoric acid. Slightly soluble (2%) in concentrated mineral acid . very slightly soluble (0.1%) in dilute mineral acids concentrated weak acids .

Fire Resistance                    

 fire protection up to five hours be provided .

Light Weight Aggregate       

 expanded perlite is available in a range of densities from 32 to 240kg/m3 (2to 15lb/ft3)       



Silicon dioxide  (SiO2)             

72.0    to 76.0%

aluminum oxide (Al2O3)       

11.0    to 17.0%

Potassium oxide (K2O)          

2.3     to 5.0%

sodium oxide  (Na2O)           

2.5     to 4.0%

Calcium oxide    (CaO)           

0.3      to 2.0%

Ferric oxide (Fe2O3)              

0.5      to 2.0%

Magnesium oxide (MgO)      

0.01     to 0.5%

Titanium dioxide (Tio2)         

0.03     to 0.2%

Heavy metalstrace                 


sulphur trioxide  (SO3)          


Combined water  (H2O)        

0.33     to 3.0%



 * One of the greatest advantages of perlite is its extremely low thermal conductivity and  this has been one of the primary reasons for its acceptance in field of construction .

 * High thermal diffusivity .

 * Low coefficient of movement when exposed to daily temperature extremes .

 * High water vapor transmittance , hence no condensation on interior faces of structure .

 * perlite is used as an aggregate in gypsum plaster , cement and other binders giving thermal insulating  qualities to the mixture producing highly efficient insulating products , as are following .

 Perlite plaster               tile mortar aggregate

 Perlite concrete            wallboard core filler

 Loose fill                      insulation board

 Perlite asphalt             pain texture

 * Expanded perlite provides a quick inexpensive and permanent method for efficient insulating perlite concrete and loose fill in masonry walls.

 * Perlite -concrete (see table).



The large irregular surface area of perlite particles make them a useful ingredient in sound absorbing materials designed for acoustical treatment to prevent reflection and reverberation of sound from ceilings and upper -walls areas .


 * improved soil structure.

 * eliminate soil crusting and compacting.

 * increases water holing capacity and fertilizer retention.

 * improves drainage and aeration .

 * provides uniform growing media .

 * produces denser root structure .


 among the unique properties of horticultural perlite is its ability to work many years in the soil . it does this because it is inorganic and does not deteriorate . in addition, perlite is chemically inert and has an essentially neutral pH . because it is sterile , perlite is free disease , weed seeds and insects . its light weight makes perlite easy for the gardener to handle and it is clean and odorless too .

The most uses of horticultural perlite are for the following needs :

 1- Flower arrangements .

2- Storing bulbs and root crops .

3-Packing cutting and dormant plants.

4- Improving established lawns can be fun with horticultural perlite.

5- Rooting cutting.